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Bathroom Taps

There are thousands of bathroom tap designs on the market, from hundreds of manufacturer's, making it difficult for you to choose. SMR Bathrooms is an authorised online retailer for some big brand names such as Hudson Reed and Crosswater, which means we can bring you the very latest in designer bathroom taps, at low online prices, from brands you can rely on. We have been working with these companies for more than 10 years and have gained authorised dealer status, since they trust us, you know you can too. With super fast delivery options, as soon as next day across the of the UK and Ireland, you can buy with confidence from SMR. Buy online or call our sales team on 0844 358 1995 for expert help with your bathroom tap selection.

Learn about different types of bathroom tap.

Obviously bathroom taps fall into two main categories, basin taps and bath taps, below is a list of various types that will explain in a little more detail.

Basin Taps

  • Pair basin taps - a basic set of taps, one hot and one cold
  • Mono basin mixer - hot and cold water through a single spout, generally with one lever to control the flow and temperature, or two tap heads to mix the water
  • Side action mono basin - as above but with the single lever on one side
  • Wall mounted - the taps come out of the wall, rather than up from the sink or worktop
  • Cloakroom basin - generally a smaller version, for cloakroom basins
  • High rise mixer - a taller tap for designer basins mounted on a worktop
  • 3 hole basin mixer - 3 holes on the sink or worktop, hot, cold and spout
  • Open spout - a "designer tap" style with a wide open spout
  • Waterfall - another designer tap with a wide spout that cascades water into the basin
  • Heavy pattern or light pattern - this is just the weight of the casting, heavy perhaps looking more grand on a traditional style tap

Bath Taps

  • Pair bath taps - two taps, one hot and one cold
  • Bath filler - A mono bath tap where the hot and cold water mixes to flow from a single spout. Could be twin tap head or single lever
  • Bath shower mixer - this adds a shower mixing head to the taps
  • Wall mounted bath taps - the spout and taps are wall mounted checkout the options such as shower heads, diverters and thermostatic control of water temperature, that meets TMV2 certified standards
  • Four hole bath mixer - two hole house the hot and cold taps, the other two the spout and a shower head
  • Five hole bath mixer - as above but with a separate control to divert between taps and shower head
  • Free standing bath taps - generally used with a free standing bath, these have a standpipe up from the floor to feed the water supply with a mixer head and control on top, often with a showerhead and diverter.
  • Heavy pattern or light pattern - often used to describe traditional bathroom taps heavy pattern are often ¾" connections, giving a better water flow and light pattern ½" which are cheaper but with a lesser water flow.
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