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Why use sleeves or tails?

In a typical installation, there may be a small section of 15mm copper pipe (the pipe your central heating fluid flows through) visible, which may not match the finish of your valves and radiator.

Customers who wish to avoid having copper pipe showing can use tails or sleeves:
Tails are short lengths of 15mm copper pipe which have been plated to match the finish of your heated towel rail (chrome, gold, or nickel). When installing the rail, the existing copper pipe can be cut back, and the plated tails soldered on instead so that the only pipe showing now matches the rail.

An alternative method is to use sleeves; these are short sections of brass tubing (finished in Chrome, Gold or Nickel to match your rail) with a slightly larger diameter than 15mm - this way, they can slip over the existing copper pipes to hide them. Our sleeving kits - also known as pipe shrouds or pipe sleeves - include matching floorplates; discs which sit on the floor where the pipe emerges, concealing the junction.
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