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Radiator Valves

SMR Bathrooms are more than just a bathroom radiator valve supplier: we specialise in all types of radiator valves, from everyday thermostatic radiator valves through to high-end antique traditional radiator valves used on cast iron radiators. Whether you need cheap chrome valves for a towel rail, a TRV for your panel radiator, or any other type, we can help. Holding a huge stock in our own warehouse, we are able to ensure super fast delivery & the lowest prices to both trade & retail customers alike across the whole of the UK. Select the type & style you require from our gallery below. Or use our handy filter to view by finish, such as white, chrome, brushed nickel, etc.; type, such as angled (most common), straight or corner (pipes coming out from wall); or style, such as modern, traditional, manual or thermostatic. Alternatively, call us.

What Is a Thermostatic Radiator Valve?

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) for a central heating radiator actually consist of a pair of valves. First is the TRV control valve. This contains either a liquid or wax sensor that expands or contracts to automatically regulate room temperature. As the room gets colder, the sensor material shrinks allowing the valve to open & the hot water in your central heating system to flow into the radiator, heating the room. As the room warms & reaches the pre-determined adjustable temperature setting on the valve, the sensor expands to gradually close off the valve & maintain a constant, comfortable room temperature. Each radiator contains just one TRV, the second valve of the pair being a lock-shield valve situated on the other side. The job of the lock-shield is to balance each radiator on the system to ensure an even flow around the house (or each circuit); it is also used to isolate the radiator for maintenance. To isolate the TRV, you may need a decorators cap to lock off the valve. The reason for this is that most thermostatic radiator valves have frost protection functions, meaning that they allow liquid to seep through & so must be fully locked off if the radiator is removed.
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