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Shower Guard - protecting your Shower Enclosure

Shower Guard is an innovative system to protect shower enclosure glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain and mirrors. One easy application gives permanent protection - this is the power of nano-technology. Showerguard is the most revolutionary and durable labour saving product available in glass protection. After a quick and simple application, Showerguard will provide permanent protection against the adhesion of lime-scale deposits and contaminants from soapy water, enabling easier cleaning of your shower enclosure. Showerguard can only adhere to totally clean and dry glass. Dirt and grease-including finger-print marks must therefore be removed using the glass pre-cleaning product before applying. We recommend the use of gloves (included) to avoid leaving finger-print marks on the glass during preparation. Immediately after the application of Showerguard the nanoparticles form a strong bond with the glass surface in a chemical reaction. The Showerguard surface can be handled immediately after coating. Whilst rapid bonding takes place between the coating and the glass, for best results allow 24hrs at 20C room temperature before using the shower for the coating to become completely inert. Once applied, your Showerguard coating goes into action, immediately inhibiting the adhesion of lime-scale and other contaminants. Frequency of cleaning will be dictated by conditions, water content and use, but now residue build up and dirt can be removed quickly and easily by using the appropriate glass cleaner and agitation from a soft cleaning implement, or rubber blade. Enjoy the time you save!
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