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Shower Valves

Manual and thermostatic shower valves from top brands with fast FREE delivery. Choose from the wide range of modern, traditional and ultra contemporary valves all available for fast delivery, from top quality brands that you can trust and rely upon. Whether you need surface mounted (pipework on surface of wall) or concealed installation (pipework hidden in wall), we have a shower valve to suit your needs. Select a brand below and view the available styles, there are many to choose from, or see all the traditional shower valves from all brand one one page. Our three most popular brands are Crosswater, Ultra and Hudson Reed shower valves, in no particular order, all with very long warranties up to 20 years, next day delivery, all backed up with our 14 day money back returns policy and price match guarantee.

What is a thermostatic shower valve?

A shower valve is generally either manual or thermostatic. A manual control is quite basic, often a lever (or occasionally sequential dial) that controls the flow of water (move lever up and down) and the mix of hot and cold water (left to right) to control the water temperature. A thermostatic shower valve is a little more technical inside, but still very simple to use. Generally you will have one control knob that allows the water to flow and another that you can turn clockwise or anti-clockwise to control the water temperature. The clever part is inside the shower valve, where a thermostatic cartridge adjusts the flow or hot and cold water to maintain a constant water temperature. Why do you need thermostatic control? As well as comfort the primary reason is for safety, so that if there is a sudden drop in water flow, lets say from the cold water supply (due to a tap being turned on elsewhere in the house) the person showering is not scolded by the hot water. The latest thermostatic valves are manufactured to meet the latest government standard of the TMV2 & TMV3 which react 2 and 3 times faster than a standard valve.
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