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Shower Curtain Rails

SMR Bathrooms have specialised in the sales of shower curtain rails and their accessories for many years. What's to specialise in with a shower rail I hear you ask! For starters we don't just sell any old shower pole, we only use materials that are non-corrosive, such as brass that is then chrome plated and stainless steel that is polished to a bright finish. As well as the material, the practical application is also important, our stainless steel selection are modular and can be customised, made up of fixing brackets, bends and straight lengths. The straight length can be cut down to suit the installation around your bath. With over 20 designs, whether your bath is free standing, against a wall or in a corner, we have a model to suit. With our traditional round and oval curtain rings many models have adjustable ceiling stays, for added easy of installation.

Top Tips When Buying a Shower Curtain Rail

Material - The last thing you want to see is rust appearing on the surface of shower rail after you've been running the curtain hooks up and down the rail for 12 months, that's why we don't sell mild steel shower rods, basically if a magnet will stick to it, you don't want it in your bathroom! Always opt for stainless steel of brass.

Screws and fixings - Always try to get your fixing screws into solid block work or the stud-work in the wall. This will make for a sturdy installation and give added strength and support should anyone ever slip and grab the shower curtain to steady themselves.

Accessories - remember you'll probably also need new accessories such as shower curtain hooks and a shower curtain for you bathroom. We have a wide range to chose from including extra large over sized shower curtains to cover the widest and deepest baths.
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