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Fuel Options for Heated Towel Rails

Central Heating - Dual Fuel - Electric Only

The method by which a bathroom radiator or heated towel rail is heated can be split into three groups, central heating, dual fuel and electric only. Below is a brief explanation of each type and an icon for each fuel option. These options icons are shown on our product galleries and at the top of the product page, so you can easily identify which fuel options are availablefor each style and range of SMR heated towel rail.

central heating iconCentral Heating System
Most people wish to install a heated towel rail on a standard central heating system. This generally means placing a towel rail on the heating circuit in place of a standard panel radiator.

dual fuel heating iconDual Fuel Options
A dual fuel system will run on a central heating system (as above), but also has an electric element installed. This gives the additional benefit that in the summer months when your central heating system is not running, you can switch to the electric element, allowing you to have warm dry towels whenever you get out of the bath or shower.There are two types of electric element, please see our notes on standard and thermostatic electric elements for heated towel rails.

electric heating iconElectric Only Towel Warmers
Many of our towel rails can be supplied as stand alone electric units. This means there is no plumbing required. All of our electric only towel rails are filled with a special fluid mixture, have a suitably sized element pre-installed and have been tested, ready to install. As with the dual fuel discussed above there are two types of electric element, please see our notes on standard and thermostatic electric elements for heated towel rails.

Standard & Thermostatic Electric Elements for Heated Towel Rails
Standard - Our standard electric elements are available on all styles of towel warmer, these are self regulating, maintaining the temperature of the fluid inside the towel rail between two points, pre-set by the manufacturer of the element.
Thermostatic - Our thermostatic electric elements are available on ladder style towel rails (dual fuel & electric), this style of element offers additional control over the heat output of the towel rail. Thermostatic elements are also self regulating, but have plus and minus controlbuttons that allow heat adjustment across five temperaturesettings.

Electrical Safety
Obviously dual fuel & electric towel railsrequire a power supply for (often a fused spur), you should discuss the location of the electrical connection point with a fully qualified installer to ensure you meet the current regulations. You can generally specify which side you would like the element installed, left or right. Elements are always at the base or toward the bottom end of a towel rail, this aids heat convection.

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